About Sketcha

Sketcha is where art and design meet. All great art and design work starts as a rough sketch on paper. From there the concept gets reworked and refined until greatness is achieved. Some of Leonardo da Vinci's, as well as other Masters, most well known and admired work are sketches. An idea is like the seed that germinates. As you sketch it is nurtured and the idea develops and grows until it blooms into a beautiful tree that produces fruit for all to enjoy.

Before studying toward a Higher National Diploma in Graphic and Multimedia design, I had obtained certification Sales and Marketing, as well as having attended many courses and workshops for marketing and merchandising, while working in the FMCG, retail security and retail beverage industries. My business experience in the relevant fields and industries has given me insight to the consumer mind and retail psychology. It is indispensible knowledge that I have gained and now apply to my design.

Having received training in Fine Art at both the Johannesburg Art Foundation and the Technikon of the Witwatersrand, I have a passion for traditional art forms, particularly painting and drawing. I briefly studied iconography, a Byzantine Art form, under the instruction of iconographer, Nicolai Loukakis. Much of my art and digital portraits have been for private individuals. Some of my donated icons are now housed in the Greek Orthodox Church of Rustenburg. I was also privileged to have exhibited one of my paintings with Nicolai Loukakis in Potchefstroom Museum.